Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Partnering With Top Notch Talent

A couple weeks my company Learn To Move Academy partnered with Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine (TISM) to bring the best of fundamental movement development programs and sports medicine. Together we are educating the New Orleans metro area about the benefits of long term athletic development.  #school #teacher #student #athlete #fitness #parents

TISM are top notch doctors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers who truly care about their patients and educating the community.  They see patients when other healthcare facilities can't make appointments for weeks and months away.  Today they helped make a presentation to the Greater New Orleans Collaborative of Charter Schools at Hynes Charter School in New Orleans, and provided outstanding insight into the surgery curve on overuse injuries.  It is a blessing to be endorsed by such a great organization who shares the same believes and desires to give back to the elementary and middle school communities.  So much is made about high school sports, but not many talk about how to develop a child from the beginning.  We didn't all start with running a 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds or dunking a basketball at the age of 6.  We all started figuring out how to move in space and be courteous of others sharing the space.

Find a business, organization, or group of people who share similar believes and the sky is the limit!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Failure is Only Failure When you Don't Start

In early August a well known healthcare company in south Louisiana pulled out their support of seminars my company, Learn To Move Academy, had setup for 2 parish school boards and over 20 catholic elementary schools.  What do you do?  Cancel the opportunity to educate PE teachers and get new customers or roll with the experience and knowledge we have?  #risktaking #business #goals #courage #lesbrown

Driving to our first seminar we received the email the large healthcare provider could not make it.  We tightened up our belts and made the presentation to 15 public school PE teachers in St. Bernard Parish.  After the presentation our contact said she was interested in pursuing purchasing options for her school and a few others.  We emailed a proposal for every school in the system and stayed in touch over the next few weeks.  Time went by and red tape held up the process but we had faith.

On September 8, the school board contacted us and agreed to purchase the program for all 6 of their elementary schools.  If we folded up our tents and did not do the seminar after being thrown to the wolves, we never could reap the rewards.  When you have a dream, follow it and do not let mole hills become mountains in your quest for greatness.
#faith #persistence #school #education

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Obesity Strategy

#childhoodobesity #parents #teachertuesday #obesity #health
September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the United States.  Here is a great blog by British author Kevin Peake The Obesity Strategy, in which he details some issues and suggestions for United Kingdom schools.  While schools have a significant effect on childhood obesity, let us not forget that obesity is not genetic but learned.  Children do not drive to the grocery store or restaurants and pay for food with their own hard earned cash.  Parents are 100% responsible for what they feed their children, and with smart phones, instant education on to what is healthy or not is available at your fingertips.  Before pointing the finger outside, take a look inside and see where does that finger need to be pointed.