Monday, August 29, 2016

Digital Learning in Schools

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As the owner of a digital physical education company, I am always learning about the different strategies and methods schools are implementing technology.  The people at put out a great article about how to improve a school district's digital leadership.#motivationmonday #technology #learning #school #backtoschool

Most people don't think of physical education being a digital learning subject, but Learn To Move Academy is a pioneer in web based tool for teachers.  Everyone lives on their phones and tablets now, so why not give PE teachers something to use that's mobile and can be used on the court or field.  With budget cutbacks, PE is one of the first subjects to have reduced funding and time.  It becomes an after thought when physical fitness is primary in life itself.  With no books and binders to take up space, why not invest in more digital resources to be accessed on field trips, in the classroom, and at home.  If not for digital, you couldn't read this blog from anywhere in the world.

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