Friday, July 29, 2016

Can Parents Cause Overuse Injuries?

You ask you child if they are hurt or can they go back into the game.  He or she they are fine and back in they go.  Are they really injured and need to rest or making a bigger deal out of a small scratch?  It's a fine line parents and coaches walk to teach kids toughness without exposing them to further serious injury. Movement fundamental programs like Learn To Move Academy can help prevent overuse injuries through proper training, but if rest is what they need, movement programs and practice drills aren't the answer.  Listen to your children's words and watch their body language, remember it is their body and not yours taking the pounding.
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Have You Ever Assessed Your Functional Movements?

What are functional movements?  You hear the term often about exercises in the gym, but what does it exactly mean?

Functional movements relate to the way our body moves in normal, daily life.  Have you ever assessed your movements?  Here are the seven measurements of the functional movement screen.  They are equally important for children to be capable of besides adults.  You don't need all of the equipment shown to try them at home, just do your best with what you have like a broom.  

Check out Learn To Move Academy Functional Movement Screen to see how you can grade yourself and your family.
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Monday, July 25, 2016

"Ok, son, how were your grades this report card?"
"Well, dad, I got B's in science, history, and math, a C in language...but I got an A in P.E.!"

An A in physical education.  Doesn't everyone get an A in P.E.?  What are exactly are you graded on in P.E.?
Unfortunately there is no simple answer.  Most states grade just on participation and have no set skills and physical development standards for students to have an equal measure like other core subjects.  Is it a wonder about childhood inactivity being high when schools do not have set programs to teach kids about healthy lifestyle habits.  Each school, public and private, leaves it up to the individual teachers to develop and follow a true physical education program and none has any accountability to notify parents how their children are doing.
Maybe it is time we have some uniformity in how schools grade physical development the same way they do math, language arts, and science.
Check out an example from Learn To Move Academy's assessment tools

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Friday, July 22, 2016

If you haven't seen anything from, check out their article on free fitness activities for kids, Remember, it is important regardless of the weather, for your kids to get 60 minutes of playtime everyday. #fitness #outdooractivities #children #summer

Fun Family Fitness, Mom and three kids playing ball or tag outdoors for exercise

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Games vs movement fundamentals, which do we teach first?  The story is similar to if the chicken or the egg came first.  What do you think?
In the United States we believe in teaching games, while in Europe, Canada, and Australia they believe in teaching movements first.  Watch your kids run.  Do they run in an efficient manner, or are legs and arms flying all over the place?  Where and how did they learn to run?  Should someone teach them how to run properly and efficiently before playing soccer, basketball, or lacrosse?
Henry Ford said, "Where most manufacturers find themselves quicker to make a change in the product than in the method of manufacturing-we follow exactly the opposite course."  If you apply the rationale to games vs movement fundamentals, Henry Ford's success over 100 years later shows great evidence to teaching movements (methods of manufacturing) before games (product).

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Here it goes, my attempt to blog and bring fun and information about my company and child health & fitness. I am just a beginner and excited to learn from others.  My company is called Learn To Move Academy and we are based in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. is our website and I wish anyone interested to check it out and give feedback.  We are a web based, fundamentals of movement program physical education program for grades K-10 or ages 6-14.

Teaching people to live healthy, active lifestyles is my purpose and passion, and Learn To Move Academy fits perfectly into it.  I am also a personal trainer at a health club called Franco's Athletic Club and have been a personal trainer since 2008.  Please follow and interact so we all can benefit from each other and make a stand against childhood obesity.

Matthew Peale
Sales Director/Owner
Learn To Move Academy

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